Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Alisha's birthday with family

We did Alisha's gifts from family on Sunday after dinner.

Alisha reading the card from Grandma ShirrellShe was SO excited to get a "My Meebas" from grandma Kelly and grandpa Hy
Jewelry box and Jewelry from Aunt Emily
Joe and the new remote
(since Ben threw the other one in the garbage and it got taken out)
Ben had tons of fun playing in the paper and ribbon.

Alisha and her loot.

Easter 2009

The kids in their Easter outfits

Alisha's birthday party

Alisha had her 7th birthday
party on Saturday the 11th.
It was a "The Little Mermaid"
theme and she had a great time.

Alisha and her friends from school
Alisha, Ruby, Meily, Sarah

Joe not sure what to think in the sea of balloons