Saturday, May 1, 2010

Alisha's Baptism

Alisha's baptism was today and it was a really nice day. Hy (Nate's Dad) gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. The boys were very well behaved the whole time which made things a lot easier. We had so many friends and family come to support Alisha including Nate's parents who flew out from Virgina.

Alisha and Nate before the baptism. My mom made the dress and you can't see it very well in the picture but the bottom half of the dress has a layer of iridescent dots all over is very cute. Thanks mom!

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Apryl said...

That was a really cute dress. Also Nathan your horchata was SOOOO good. I went to Mexico and didn't like theirs when I had it but I loved yours. Thanks for inviting us!